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1 In 3 People Have Lost Their Files
Due To Accidental Deletion,
Hardware Issues Or Software Problems

With PhotoStick OMNI® You Won't Be One Of Them

ThePhotoStick OMNI is a small but powerful device that automatically finds, sorts, and safely backs up your
photos, videos and other files. It's perfect for anyone who wants to keep their memories safe and organized
WITHOUT all the hassle, time, and money it would cost to do it yourself!

  • Easy to Use

    Simply plug in ThePhotoStick® OMNI and click 'GO'! It does everything automatically. No complicated setup, logins, or software to install!

  • Works On All Devices

    Works on all computers, phones and operating systems – including Windows, Apple, Android, Google, & more!

  • Convenient & Secure

    ThePhotoStick® OMNI keeps all your most important files right at your fingertips, so they're easily accessible when you need them – yet stored safely and away from hackers.

Don't risk losing all your memories - back them up
in minutes with PhotoStick OMNI!

Order Now & Save 40%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Features of
PhotoStick OMNI®

Reasons to Love The PhotoStick Omni

Finds All Your
Photos & Videos

Searches EVERY file & folder to ensure no picture or video is ever missed.

Saves You Hours
Of Time

Backs up 1000s of files in minutes – doing it yourself would take hours!

Sorts Files
For You

Automatically organizes your files neatly into folders so they're easy to find.


Holds up to 120,000 photos and videos – all the storage you'll ever need!

Keeps Your
Files Safe

Never worry about your computer crashing or losing files in the cloud again.


Instantly backs up new files weekly to ensure you never lose recent memories

Order Now & Save 40%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How To Use
PhotoStick OMNI®

3 Simple Steps To Finds, Sorts & Backup

  • 1

    Plug It In

    Easily plugs into the USB slot on your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • 2

    Hit ‘Go’

    When the file backup program pops up, simply hit ‘GO’!

  • 3

    You're Done!

    Your photos and videos are safely stored in minutes and ready to share!

Compatible With

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • Apple
  • Android
  • Windows

Order Now & Save 40%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Reviews of
PhotoStick OMNI®

Millions of Happy Clients


Brian Clark

ThePhotoStick is a must have...

This is a great product that is not only useful but also extremely easy to use. I had the pleasure of meeting Debby not too long ago through a matter of business. Not only is the product great, but she is as well. This is a product for yourself, friends, and family to keep your mind at ease. There are so many things that can go wrong with technology that having backups are a must. This product allows for your ease of mind to be achieved very easily. It is a simple but effective product with a beautiful app that is seamless to use. Highly recommend.

Rich McKie

Painless refund!

My Photostick was not suitable for my needs and Photostick gave me a full refund without asking for one. That's impressive customer service.


Cocacola John

I Highly recommend it

I Highly recommend it. Great product and great customer service.



Great little gadget for keeping…

Great little gadget for keeping pictures, and transferring them from device to device.


Stephanie Wilder

This is such a wonderful option

This is such a wonderful option! I have been getting the message that im out of storage space for a long time and I don't want to have to delete my photos. Thank you for creating such a handy, easy to use option!


Alan Nall

Received my photostick quickly

Received my photostick quickly. Did not use for a while until I purchased a new phone. Installed the app on my phone without any issues. Data transfer was easy. I'll be buying some to use as gifts.


Jan Workman

The experience was very positive

The experience was very positive. Worked with Debbie lfrom Haxtun. She was so helpful. Photostik was very user-friendly and worked awesome. Would recommend to anyone wanting to safeguard their photos.



Wow this is wonderful

Wow this is wonderful. I was very surprised. I had over 3500 photos on my phone and was very worried about loosing them. So many memories.... the Photostick mobile was so easy to use and I plan on purchasing for my family for gifts.



This product is a lifesaver

This product is a lifesaver! Makes storing and transferring photos of breeze. A must have for those photoholics out there. Works perfect on USB 3.0 and 3.1

Highly recommended!


D Sittner

Cool product

This product is a big help for anyone who wants to protect their photos and keep them organized. Having tech support available was a big plus too. I would highly recommend!



Love it!!! PhotoStick is a great Gift

Love it!! I had 2,500 photos on my iPhone and doubles. The stick in less than 3 minutes downloaded and deleted doubles. Now my phone is freed up and 2,000 originals are on the stick. Great gift idea for Christmas

Thanks also for the support of staff in answering emails so quickly. Roslynn Shirley


Adele Mcconnell

The photostick was easy to use

The photostick was easy to use. I had a large number of photos and am pleased with the results.

Order Now & Save 40%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ThePhotoStick OMNI®

Keep Your Memories Safe Forever!

Photo & Video Backup Made Easy

Save Hours Of Time
Searching and Sorting

Backing up photos used to be stressful, risky, and time-consuming… but with ThePhotoStick®, you simply click GO and watch the magic begin! ThePhotoStick® does it all for you.

It automatically finds and sorts 1000s of your favorite photos and videos in minutes with complete accuracy to ensure no memory is ever missed. Then it removes the duplicates to save space.


Works On ALL Computers,
Phones and Tablets

The best part about ThePhotoStick OMNI® is that you only need one of them for all your devices! ThePhotoStick OMNI® works on:

  • All Windows computers
  • All Mac (Apple) computers
  • All smartphones (iPhones, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • All tablets (Galaxy, iPad, etc.)

This means you can now safely store, access, and share ALL of your precious photo and video memories in a matter of minutes… no matter where they are… with ONE device. It’s going to prevent so many irreplaceable photos & videos from being lost!


Works On All File

ThePhotoStick OMNI® will actually find and backup MORE than just photos and videos. It also does documents, voice memos, and music files—over 100 different file types—and organizes them all FOR YOU automatically on the stick.

  • Photograph
  • Video
  • Music Files
  • Documents
  • Voice Memos

Order Now & Save 40%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • Find, Sort & Backup Photos & Videos
  • Just Plug & Hit Go, Zero Tech Needed
  • Works With All Computers, Phones, Laptops
  • Holds Up To 120,000 Photos & Videos

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ThePhotoStick ®

Frequently Asked Questions
Which devices can I use ThePhotoStick® OMNI on?

ThePhotoStick OMNI works with all modern computers, smartphones, tablets, and computers right out of the box. It's also compatible with all Windows, Android, and Mac Operating Systems:

Windows 7 SP1 and newer

OS 10.13 and newer, iOS and iPad OS is 13.0 and later

6.0 and later

What photo and video file types can ThePhotoStick® OMNI find and save?

Nearly all of them! It saves your standard JPEG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG4, but it also saves a vast array of file types as listed below:

  • JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jiff)
  • GIF (*.gif)
  • PNG (*.png)
  • BMP (*.bmp, *.rle, *.dib)
  • TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff)
  • ICO (*.ico)
  • Camera Raw (*.tif, *.crw, *.nef, *.raf, *.orf, *.mrw, *.dcr, *.mos, *.raw, *.pef, *.srf, *.dng, *.x3f, *.cr2, *.erf, *.sr2, *.kdc, *.mfw, *.mef, *.arw, *.nrw, *.rw2, *.rwl, *.iiq, *.3fr, *.srw)
  • Photoshop (*.psd, *.pdd)
  • PCT File (*.PCT, *.PICT)
  • MOV (*.mov, *.qt)
  • MPEG4 (*.mpg4, *.mpeg4)
  • AVI (*.avi)
  • WMV (*.wmv)
Is ThePhotoStick® OMNI easy to use?

Yes – just hit go! We also offer 24/7 support if you have any questions or difficulties... but it really is as easy as clicking “GO“. Anyone can use it, no matter how comfortable they are with technology!

What version should I choose?

This depends on how many photos and videos you have. The 128GB version can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos – which will be plenty for most people. The 256GB version holds up to roughly 120,000 photos and videos giving you all the storage you'll ever need – perfect for large families with lots of memories.

What photo file size is used when we say the 128GB version can store 60,000 photos?

We use an average photo file size of 2MB for our calculation. We picked this size for our calculation because it is the approximate size of an 8MP photo saved in a .JPEG format.

Some file sizes are much larger, such as camera RAW files, movie files such as .MOV and .MPEG4, and photos taken with cameras that can take photos greater than 8MP, so the number of files that can be stored on ThePhotoStick® OMNI can vary.

How do I start ThePhotoStick® OMNI?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – no matter which device you're using!

To start on Windows:

  • Plug ThePhotoStick® OMNI into an open USB slot.
  • From File Explorer, double-click on ThePhotoStick®Windows.exe.
  • Click “Go“!

To start on Mac:

  • Plug into an open USB slot.
  • Double-click on the USB icon labeled as PHOTOSTICK.
  • Double-click on ThePhotoStick®Mac.
  • Click “Go“!

To start on any phone (Android or iOS):

  • Download and Launch the FREE “ThePhotoStick® Mobile” App
  • Plug in the device
  • Click “Backup Now”
Does ThePhotoStick® OMNI need to install anything on my computer?

For computers (Mac or PC):
ThePhotoStick® OMNI does not need to install anything on your computer, nor does it require anything to be already installed on your computer. ThePhotoStick® OMNI comes with everything it needs — you simply need to plug it into an available USB slot and it’s ready to run.

For phones (Android or iOS):
ThePhotoStick® OMNI offers a FREE app that allows you to back up, view, and organize your photos with ease. There are no monthly charges or download costs for using the app – just download it and click GO!

Can I use ThePhotoStick® OMNI as an ongoing backup solution?

Yes, it’s a great backup solution! Many people leave the ThePhotoStick® OMNI plugged into their computer and do a quick and easy weekly backup to make sure they are continually protecting their memories.

Simply plug it into each device, click GO, and go about your day. It only takes a few seconds to back everything up across every device... it's a huge time saver!

When can I expect my order?

FAST! We ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them. On average, ThePhotoStick OMNI® is delivered within 3-5 business days in the United States. For orders outside the USA, please allow 2-8 weeks for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees at the time of checkout.

Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?

Yes. We offer a no-hassle, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with ThePhotoStick OMNI®, we are happy to help you with a return. We want you to be happy!

Order Now & Save 40%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee